Run through the open world and train yourself too!
~ Easy and fun 'on-the-spot jogging' for a healthy habit ~

Joggle offers a new jogging experience that makes exercising with just your smartphone enjoyable.

By controlling a character that runs in a 3D space with your own running speed and direction, you can venture through an open world.

It’s particularly recommended for those who find exercise challenging, as Joggle enables you to engage in efficient exercise quickly and conveniently from home, perfect for a time-efficient workout regime.

Download for free here

Joggle is a time-efficient exercise app. Install it on your smartphone and run through an open world in your spare moments to become healthier!

How to Play

There are various ways to play, depending on your goal.

Freehand Operation Instructions

Set up your smartphone and jog on the spot

Development Process Now Public

Joggle is being developed by Sakurai, Nagaoka, and Luna (ChatGPT), and we're sharing our regular development meetings (internal meetings) on YouTube. Joggle is currently undergoing significant improvements, and we plan to enhance the app further based on feedback from our users. We appreciate your support.

The World of Joggle

In the year 20XX, the Earth was destroyed by the conflicts amongst humanity. The balance of the planets in the solar system was disturbed, and Earth was on the brink of a gradual descent into ruin. However, at one point, the Moon approached Earth and, by maintaining the environment including the Earth's atmosphere, it saved the remnants of humankind that remained on Earth. Learning that the Moon protected Earth from harmful cosmic rays and meteorites, humanity began to worship it. Yet, a group of meteorites, unaffected by the Moon's gravity, hurtled towards Earth. People named this group of meteorites "Lunar Meteorites." Astonishingly, these meteorites contained an extraterrestrial substance called "Levitite ore," which exhibited properties different from terrestrial materials in relation to gravity and weight. Furthermore, it contained substances that became the seeds of life, leading to a rapid recovery of Earth's natural environment, and once again, a Cambrian-like explosive evolution of flora and fauna began.

Utilizing the power of Levitite ore, people built floating cities and migrated to them, securing a place of safety. However, having lost most of their scientific capabilities, the world of computers and the internet was filled with lies propagated by AI and became useless. Moreover, with the loss of energy sources like oil and natural gas, people could no longer use energy-dependent vehicles like airplanes and cars. Thus, the only primitive means left for intercity movement was running. Amidst such circumstances, people began living without resisting the existence of the Moon or the Lunar Meteorites, accepting their blessings. Yet, there seems to be a mysterious presence known as the Overload intervening in the changes of the Moon and the arrival of Lunar Meteorites. People increasingly revered the Moon. Players descended to the ground in this era of chaos, where degradation and evolution mix, and the people called them Jogglers. Jogglers of the world, set out on an adventure! Continue running in pursuit of truth!